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As an indie feature film company, we are led by creativity and passion for storytelling. We have written and produced a number of feature films, including “Darkness Wakes”, distributed by Left Films and “Pleasure Island”, distributed by Metrodome and currently have three features in development.

Directed By: Simon Richardson


When Charlotte, a beautiful, broke student is offered a job cat sitting for an eccentric couple over a long weekend, at £200 per night, she can't believe her luck. But there is something else in the house with her... DARKNESS WAKES offers a fun, sexy and stylish new twist on the "haunted house" horror sub-genre and features an incredible lead performance by Aisling Knight.

Darkness Wakes Poster.jpg

Directed By: Mike Doxford


When the life of his childhood friend is threatened by a ruthless drug lord, ex-soldier Dean is called back into action on the streets of his hometown. After years away on tour, battle-hardened Dean finally returns home to Grimsby, only to discover a town paralysed by fear of the vicious drug dealers who have taken over. Forced to use his military skills to exact a brutal and explosive justice, Dean soon learns that to expel the town’s demons, he must first tackle his own.

Co-written, edited and score composed by Simon Richardson. Distributed in 2015 by Metrodome.

Pleasure Island Poster


Dick Hurt – a broke, alcoholic private detective – is drowning his sorrows with whisky and snooker (and questioning his sanity with each repeated occurrence of his recently deceased girlfriend, Sophie) when he receives a phone call one night from a wealthy businessman, Mr. Fox, offering him a job…The handsomely paid assignment is simple: follow Fox's young, beautiful fiancée, Nadine.


But what appears to be a straight forward snooping job swiftly takes a turn for the bizarre, as Hurt finds himself embroiled in a plot involving gangsters, aliens and government forces that will stop at nothing to achieve their sinister ends…

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